Art And Pia

Hi hi! Welcome to my channel! I'm your village idiot trying to survive in South Korea. I work as an English teacher while I try to be a successful YouTuber. Emphasis on try. I hope you enjoy my content and make sure to take care of yourself. Mental health; it's important. -Pia


If academia books were outfits....broke edition

Hey hey, Listen, before you all rip me a new one, i would just like to say that i tried man. I really did. I created a 'if academia books were outfits' but broke edition cause your girl here is broke. very much so broke. k. kool. love you all. -Pia


in honest view of my life

Heeeeeyoooooo, I did absolutely jack shit today. pls enjoy and go drink some water. love you all. -Pia


A little Q/A

Hey hey! You guys are honestly the best. The amount of questions I got was so amazing and I was super thrilled. I hope you enjoy this video! Love you all!💛 -Pia🌻


writing vlog  

Hey guys!! Welcome back, I hope you've been chilling like the cool cucumbers that you are. I am back with another mini vlog of me just typing away cause yeah.....this book needs to be done. Thank you all for being so amazing and waiting for me to emerge from my den of procrastination and woe. It was a busy few weeks. I love you all!💛🌻 Pia

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