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Hi hi! Welcome to my channel! I'm your village idiot trying to survive in South Korea. I work as an English teacher while I try to be a successful YouTuber. Emphasis on try. I hope you enjoy my content and make sure to take care of yourself. Mental health; it's important. -Pia


bing bong, what do you want to tell jo biden

Happy New Years, Little Beans!! The way my computer crashed on me three times while editing this video....eYe..... any who's, just a little video update of what's coming up this month, not really breaking news but this month i will be a bit busy so uploading content will be a bit hard for me. I love you all!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!! -Pia


This book "Uprroted" my soul

I read a book and it gave me a of opinions and things to say and boy did it drain my spirit. I hope you enjoy this book review. TW: mentions of abuse, physical and mental, sexual abuse, kidnapping, and Stockholm Syndrome. -Pia


A little Q/A

Hey hey! You guys are honestly the best. The amount of questions I got was so amazing and I was super thrilled. I hope you enjoy this video! Love you all!💛 -Pia🌻



It's been a while, I hope you've been well! This is just a little day in the life during my weekend. I usually spend this time writing and editing but today I just focused on doing absolutely nothing. I love you all so much, I hope you're staying warm and taking good care of yourselves! -Pia

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