Art And Pia

Hi hi! Welcome to my channel! I'm your village idiot trying to survive in South Korea. I work as an English teacher while I try to be a successful YouTuber. Emphasis on try. I hope you enjoy my content and make sure to take care of yourself. Mental health; it's important. -Pia


Creeps In Korea | GRWM

broooooooooooo, why do some men think it's okay to be creepy. Dear Creeps, Seriously, go trip in a ditch. Sincerely, Everyone I literally use 20 minutes of your life complaining about the creeps I've encountered here in Korea while I do my makeup terribly. Enjoy Pia


Casual Spring Look Book | Korea 2021

Hey hey! A little peek into my spring wardrobe as a TaLK scholar in Korea. Y'all, I tried, please don't roast me. Pia


What I Eat In A Day

A little day in my life vlog where I show you what I tend to eat in a day. I usually don't snack if I have 3 full meals. If i miss breakfast or lunch, I'll snack on chips, fruits or even candy. Can you tell I have my shit together? Anyways, enjoy the video! -Pia


Casual Winter Cookbook

here is a little look into my winter closet. The majority of my clothes have come from the thrift store or from little stores scattered throughout my town. I know I'm not the most fashionable person on the planet, but i try. These outfits are what I wear during the week.

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