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Zombie Kid

There is a certain beauty in darkness, and I found that beauty in these paintings.

I know these look gruesome but I'm really happy with how they turned out.

I recently watched a kdrama called "Its Okay To Not Be Okay." And in the show there was a children's book called the Zombie Kid. I fell in love with the little story and wanted to paint some for myself.

The story itself was heartbreaking but beautiful at the same time. I'm really proud of how these turned out. I highly recommend the show

There was once an ugly baby born in a village. He was pale and had deep-set eyes, and thorns prickling out all over him. The mother realized soon, that her baby, was not human, but a zombie child that had no affection or emotion, only a desire for food.

Fearing the worst and needing to protect him from the other villagers, she hid him away in her basement. She would bring him food stolen from other farms, such as a chicken, or a pig. One day, there was an illness and famine in the village – everyone living left hurriedly, while the mother remained as she realized she could not bear to leave her child. Slowly, supplies depleted and she cut off her own leg, then arm, to feed her boy.

At the last moment, when she was only left with her torso, she crawled to her child and hugged him, letting him devour her whole.

The zombie child finally spoke for the first time in his life, to say, “So Mom is rather warm after all…”

Perhaps, it was not a desire or greed to be fed with food that the boy had, but simply, to feel the warmth and love of someone instead, for he grew up repulsed and hidden away.


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