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Top 5 Favorite Classical Pieces

Classical music is something that I grew up with. If you were to play me any classical piece I would probably be able to guess it. I've been playing the piano for fifteen years and the violin for six ears. To me, classical music is something that has always been.Growing up I never listened to anything else. I listen to it when I feel sad, happy, angry, or tired. People call me a 'nerd' for listening to it, others think i'm too smart and sophisticated. Truth is, I just love listening to it.

Here are my top ten favorite pieces that I listen to frequently and want to share with you!

1. The Lark: Kissin

2. Beethoven: Sonata "Pathetique" Op. 13 - I.

3. Chopin - Fantaisie Impromptu, Op. 66

4. Vivaldi's Four Season

5.Liszt Paganini Etude S.161 No.3 "La Campenella"

6.Rachmaninoff- Vocalise For Violin

7. Summertime (Gershwin) - The Pianos of Cha'n

8. Rachmaninoff Prelude Op. 3 No. 2 in C# Minor

9. Erik Satie - Gymnopédie No.1

10. Brahms Hungarian Dance No. 5

I hope you enjoy listening to these pieces as much as I do.



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